Principal's Corner

2016 School Highlights

Image for 2016 School Highlights

We are off to a great new school year and we want to engage every child in learning every day! Here are some new school highlights:

  • Based on educational research, we are beginning a primary loop that will allow new learners to continue to grow with their teacher from kindergarten to first grade. Research has shown that this loop provides an opportunity to build relationships and knowledge of the learners that results in increased academic achievement.
  • We are able to provide third grade students the one to one use of an i Pad during the school day and for home use if parents participate in our i Pad program.
  • Students will attend an enrichment club each month  to allow them to pursue their interests with other students their age including STEM, coding, art, dance, wellness and more!
  • We have a newly formed Harrison Community PTA. Please be sure to join and get involved in advocating for our children, supporting students during the school day and volunteering from home. Join our Facebook page and keep up to date. 


Thank you for being a vital part of the teaching team for your child. Please volunteer for our school as a father on High Five Friday mornings, a speaker for career day or a parent helper on a work day. We need you!


Mrs. Jung