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Mrs.  Wendy  A.  Jung
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Principal's Corner

Moving to STEAM

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We are on a new journey at Harrison Elementary School to maximize student engagement through problem solving and teamwork. Students in third and fourth grades now have one to one access to technology with grade five close behind. Intermediate students are experiencing Project Based Learning in Science which requires a driving question and design or research components to learn about the world. STEAM education allows students to produce authentic work with  strong connections to learning standards. When faced with a driving questions, students will choose a path to a solution that will allow them to use science, technology, engineering, art and math to create their project here at school. 

We have already begun the STEAM adventure in some of our Friday enrichment clusters. Primary students are coding DASH robots to follow a maze, intermediate students are coding on Scratch and, and students are experiencing science investigations, photography and art!

All the teachers will participate in a two day workshop June first and second to write PBL units for the next school year. Stay tuned for exciting STEAM news. Be a part of the STEAM journey!

Mrs. Jung