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Why is Early Dismissal a Problem?
Posted On:
Thursday, September 14, 2017

HES students are engaged in learning every day from 8:00-3:00 and prepare for dismissal at 2:50. The last hour of the day may include math, reading, science or social studies. When one child is dismissed early, we disrupt the learning for all the students when the dismissal is unplanned. We ask that if it is a planned early dismissal, that you send a note to the teacher in the morning. We only allow early dismissals in the last hour of the day for doctor's appointments with a written note from the guardian. When we call into a room, it stops the teacher from giving instruction and disrupts learning. She often has to stop to instruct the student leaving and then refocus the group. We plan to maximize every minute that we have with your learner to help them advance as a student.

HES Dismissal Policy:

  • Please write a note to the teacher in the morning if you have a planned early dismissal. 
  • If it is a true emergency and you have a transportation change, please call the office prior to 2:00 and inform the office staff so that we can get the message to your child and their teacher. 
  • Do not rely on Dojo for dismisal changes as teachers do not always look at it prior to dismissal and your child may not get the message. 
  • There are no early dismissals after two o'clock to preserve learning and to allow for the office to deliver all messages to students and teachers about changes including transportation, bus passes and bus route changes. 


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