STEAM Showcase



2021-22 School Year

Each quarter, all Harrison Elementary School students engage in a type of learning called PBL, or project-based learning.

In a PBL, students are challenged with a BIG driving question. They use their own curiosity to explore the topic and solve the problem in a creative way.

Click the pictures below to view a showcase of the learning from our Quarter 1 PBLs!


Pre K What do we know about buildings? What do we want to know about buildings? What do buildings look like? What are buildings made of to make them strong? Who builds buildings? What tools do they use?

How can we as sustainable toy engineers create a toy that uses recycled materials?

How can we, as engineers, create a tool to help Mr. Laboy see through the paper to create a replicate drawing?

How can you as an activist accommodate children who live in flood prone areas to help improve their quality of life?

How can we, as geographers, research and share the effect of where someone lives on their access to education?

How can we, as astronomers, teach first grade students to analyze data and predict patterns about the sun, Earth, moon system?

How can we, as astronomers, gather and communicate data about the universe?

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