Medication Policy

Please ask your doctor for medicine that can be given three times a day. Parents can then give doses in the morning, immediately after school, and at bedtime. This limits instructional interruptions. In the event your doctor does not recommend the above dosage schedule, please pick up an HCDE medication form from the elementary office. This must be completed and signed by your physician and co-signed by the parent or guardian in order for medication to be given at school.

Requirements for Administering Medication at School:

Medication should be brought to the office by an adult in the original prescription bottle. No medication is to be brought to the school by the student.

A new medication permission form must be provided to the school at the beginning of each school year. The permission form must be updated when there is a change in dosage or time of medication.

The medication will be kept in the nurse's office in a locked place.

All medications must be in the prescription bottle with the proper label on the bottle.

No medications other than those prescribed by a physician are permitted and/or administered at school.

Prescribed emergency medication to address life-threatening situations must be readily accessible to the student at all times. Examples of these medications include but are not limited to: asthma inhalers, epi-pens, glucose tablets, etc.

*The school system retains the right to reject requests for administering medications that are not in compliance with the above guidelines.

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