Parents will be required to complete a Student Registration Form in Power School listing phone numbers and medical information. If phone numbers change, it is necessary to contact the office immediately. These records are necessary for emergency contacts and could be used to admit your child for emergency services at a hospital. While filling in this information, please keep in mind that this information is used to contact you in the event of an emergency or accident. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary an emergency contact person and phone number (other than you) be provided. Please make sure this person is permitted by both parents to pick up your child if needed. Note: Please inform the teacher and office of any condition your child has that is life threatening such as severe asthma, allergies, etc.

No child can be dismissed from school unless the adult picking them up has been listed by the parent.

For New Students, please come to the school after registering on line to provide an original copy of the birth certificate and the TN immunization. You may chose to upload proof of residence on line or you may bring that with you.

For Returning Students, please use the Web Id and Password provided by your school and confirm your child's birthdate. Check all fields especially the phone numbers for all contacts. If you get locked out, call 423-498-7104.

Please use the link below or visit

                                             ONLINR REGISTRATION
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