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Subjects Taught
Fifth Grade


I am a University of Georgia alumna and proud of it! My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a focus on Animal Science. Prior to becoming a teacher, I wanted to be a veterinarian. Oprah talked me into becoming a teacher. :) I also have a Master of Arts in Teaching degree and am thankful to have switched professions.


Two years at a private pre-K in Madison, Georgia

One year teaching 3rd grade at Fourth Street Elementary in Athens, Georgia

Three years at East Side Elementary (two years in 4th and one year in 5th)

Ten years in 5th grade at Harrison Elementary (BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!!!)


I was born in Chicago, Illinois, but I grew up in Tunnel Hill, Georgia. I liked school and had perfect attendance from 4th grade until my high school graduation day. I originally wished to become a veterinarian, but I became a teacher after discovering that teaching children was what I was meant to do. I've taught all kinds of students in all kinds of schools and have loved every minute!

I married my husband in 2006, and we have two beautiful children. Max is a very happy four year old. Isobel is a very intelligent nine year old. I am thrilled to have Isobel here with me at Harrison (she is in fourth grade). Our faculty is full of outstanding teachers!